• Melody Jai-The Whooty Girl (Coution- its too-much for one video)

    Watch Hot Girls crushing watermelon with her thighs | Best Compilation | June 2017 | Alert it’s too HOT to handle…

    To my fans,

    “Thank you so much for all the love and support of the last year!!” — Melody Jai

    * Height 5’9

    * Weight 150

    * Measurements 34′ 28 42′

    * Birthday 02/08/1980

    * Birthplace: Germany

    Melody Jai, known as the “Original Whooty Girl” — or white girl with a booty — created buzz on the internet through a YouTube video contest last year. Discovered at The Pink Pony in Atlanta, Melody was asked to be the first girl to enter the contest and help promote entries. Amazed at the initial response, with 2,000 views in the first week and girls from all over trying to compete, she decided to take the contest more seriously and push her video throughout the web. Little did she know it would easily spread throughout the internet and become the sensation it is today with over 1.9 million views. Today, Melody Jai has solidified her position in the industry and mastered the art of moving her body — and yes — she was born with that booty!

    At the age of 19, Melody began her career dancing and modeling. Moving from Washington D.C. to Miami to pursue her dream, she was surprisingly told she was “too fat,” due to her infamous rump. In 2002, doors finally opened when she moved to Atlanta, a city that embraces all curves — where her story truly begins.

    Currently residing in Atlanta, Melody continues to gain popularity and extend her career in the modeling world, including a spread in Skin Tones Magazine. Look out for more features and spreads in the near future

    __Melody Jai